Monday, July 21, 2014

Racing in Wisconsin - notes from a weekend in the Badger State

When I found out this spring that we wouldn't be racing at Independence Motor Speedway the weekend of July 16 due to a concert during the Buchanan County Fair, I made plans to do some traveling. I spoke with Chet Christner, the new Operations Manager at 141 Speedway in Francis Creek, Wis., about plans to head to northeast Wisconsin during my weekend off.

I stuck to those plans this past weekend, made the six hour trip to the Green Bay area and took in two nights of racing, along with some sightseeing along Lake Michigan in Manitowoc plus a trip to Lambeau Field.

Initially, I was hoping to watch the races at Luxemburg Speedway Friday night, however they, too, were off due to the Kewaunee County Fair. After talking it over with Chet, we decided to venture to a track new to both of us - Manitowoc County Expo Speedway.

After visiting a friend in northern Illinois Thursday, I ventured north and made my way to Manitowoc by the middle of the afternoon Friday. I played it by ear and hadn't made any hotel reservations prior to arriving, so I settled for the Super 8 just off the highway.

After discovering Manitowoc had a population of nearly 35,000, I figured I'd have to dial in the GPS to find the track - which isn't always an easy task. Race tracks and GPS don't always go hand-in-hand.

Upon checking in, I asked the hotel attendant if the race track was in the vicinity.

To my pleasant surprise, she replied, "Yep, it sure is. Actually, it's within walking distance."

After a brief hesitation, she said, "Although I wouldn't actually walk if I were you."

I must have given her a puzzled look because she continued to say there were heavy traffic areas and driving would make the trip easier. It was less than a mile away so I was good to go.

After a quick trip to the lake to snap some pictures, I met Chet at the track. Listed as a 1/3-mile clay oval, the track was relatively flat, but provided for some great racing all night. The fact that the WDLMA Late Models were on-hand for a $1,500-to-win special made the show that much better.

A nice field of 27 Late Models signed in and it was Nick Anvelink parking his #15 in victory lane after some impressive driving through lapped traffic in what I believe was a 50-lap feature.

I heard reports that the crowds in Manitowoc were generally very low, with typical numbers hovering around the 100 mark for grandstand spectators. The crowd Friday night was fantastic, which many locals attributed to the Late Model special.

Manitowoc also had a Grand National division (which reminded me of the Pro Stocks and Limited Late Models from past years on Iowa ovals), a local SportMod division (which had some crossover with local IMCA sanctioned tracks) and Sport 4s (the local four cylinder division).

Apparently, recently low car counts led the track to remove 360 Sprints from its weekly schedule, but that didn't keep the crowd home Friday night.

After the races concluded at around 10 p.m., I made my way back to the hotel to rest up for a busy Saturday. That following morning, I made the 30 minute trip north to Green Bay to get a close-up look at Lambeau Field before heading about 20 miles back south to Francis Creek for that evening's races.

As track owner Toby Kruse said Saturday night, the atmosphere is unique. The layout of the facility alone, which includes a full-service bar overlooking the race track, and an egg-shaped 1/3-mile oval (some say it's closer to 1/4-mile), makes the visit to 141 a fantastic experience. Add to that, the people in Wisconsin are incredibly friendly and welcoming and made the visit that much more enjoyable.

Turns one and two offer up a lot of racing room, however the back stretch carries you down to a narrow turns three and four, which makes for some intense racing. Two and three-wide racing was common throughout nearly every heat race and feature Saturday night. It's simply a great place to watch a race and there really is no bad seat in the house... assuming you can find a seat. The stands were packed and I understand that is typical for a Saturday night at 141.

The IMCA Modified feature was a thrilling 21-lap event. Benji LaCrosse eventually came out on top after Jeremy Jacobs and Brad Lautenbach battled and swapped the lead.

Dustin Loberger earned the IMCA Stock Car win after holding off a slew of drivers in that 21-lapper and Robbie Thiel got his first IMCA Northern SportMod win of the year. The Grand Nationals also compete at 141 and Charlie Sancinati (pronounced Cincinnati... how's that for the perfect name for a racer?) took top honors while Mike Conard won in Street Stocks and Matt Brehmer earned his seventh win of the year in the Sport 4s. Angie and Brian, I'm still upset I didn't see the fist pump!

Although I'd been to other tracks in Wisconsin, there were a few nuances about the programs in this past weekend that I've never seen in Iowa. Rather than tractor tires, Manitowoc used a dozen garbage barrels (much like you see at most dirt tracks that people are expected to, but rarely do, use to throw away their trash) as their barriers. The barrels were stationed next to tires that were buried in each set of turns.

The barrels offered a clean, crisp appearance, however they did get in on the action throughout the show. Yes, they created minimal damage to cars that may have driven into them, but they were light in weight and made their way onto the track on occasion. While the locals said they cause more cautions than they're worth, I don't believe the yellow flag waved once Friday night for a barrel on the loose.

A second unique thing I noticed at both Manitowoc and 141 was the lack of victory lane interviews. I know most folks in Iowa are used to hearing the winning drivers interviewed in victory lane, however that wasn't the case this weekend.

Actually, according to Chet, victory lane interviews don't occur much at all in Wisconsin. He found out first-hand that race fans in the area aren't interested in hearing their favorite winning drivers talk about their wins. After attempting a victory lane interview earlier in the season, Chet said it was a one-and done deal. The folks in Wisconsin want their racing and don't feel the need to be interrupted by hearing the winning drivers speak.

Rather than interview the winners, the winning drivers are asked to help open the show the following week. At both Manitowoc and 141, last week's winners were given American flags and followed the pace car around the track during the national anthem. I have to admit, that was pretty sweet.

One other interesting thing I noticed was that the feature for the four cylinder division was the last event on the schedule both nights... and very few people left until the entire show was over. Yes, Wisconsin race fans really do love their racing and they respect the competitors in every division taking part in the show.

Thanks to Chet, Toby and the entire 141 crew for their hospitality Saturday night. I had a great time and have already made plans to return for the Creek Classic in October.

The only concern I had about the show (other than the missing fist pump) was the mysterious mustard stain that appeared on my shorts. Like I told Angie Moeller and Brian Lautenbach in the scoring booth, I don't remember table dancing on the condiment table, but the weekend was kind of a blur, so anything is possible!

Next up for me is a mid-week trip to Buena Vista Raceway in Alta this Wednesday where I'll be filling in on the mic for Chad Meyer. I've been to BVR three times before - once for a July 4 special around 12 years ago and Hawkeye Dirt Tour races in 2012 and 2013. I'm looking forward to seeing my first weekly program in Alta.

Thursday is the first of two big shows this week at Independence Motor Speedway. The World of Outlaws Late Model Series and XSAN Hawkeye Dirt Tour for IMCA Modifieds will take center stage July 24. Details for that event are available at Reminder: That event will not be broadcast live so if you want to see it as it happens, we invite you to Independence this Thursday. The Modified portion of the show will be available on video at at a later date.

Saturday, make-up features in the IMCA Late Models, IMCA Northern SportMods and IMCA Hobby Stocks are scheduled in Independence. That will be followed by a complete program for all five weekly divisions.

It's a busy week all over the region and the weather looks great. Be sure to support a track in your area as the second half of the season is in full swing.

Have a great week and, as always, thanks for reading!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ballard, Happel split double IMCA Hobby Stock features in Vinton

A pair of IMCA Hobby Stock features awaited race fans Sunday night at Benton County Speedway. Severe weather cut the July 6 program short, leaving the Hobby Stock division to make up the remaining 12 laps of its 15-lapper Sunday night. A complete show in all six weekly divisions was also part of Sunday's schedule. (complete results follow)

Nathan Ballard picked up right where he left off July 6. He held the point when rain cut action short and took command when the event resumed Sunday night. Ballard held off pressure from Brian Happel and Justin Wacha to score the victory, his division-leading fourth of the season in Vinton.

All-time, Ballard has 10 Hobby Stock wins in weekly racing history at the speedway. He sits tied with Danny Dvorak and Frankie Dulin for 13th on that list. Ballard now owns two wins each during the months of May, June, July and August, along with a win in April and one in September.

In the regular 15-lapper, a half dozen drivers were poised to take home top honors, however Brian Happel broke free from traffic late to drive to victory.

Outside front row starter Shawn Kuennen held the early advantage with Vince Buchholz and Wacha in tow. As that trio battled, Happel, Benji Irvine and Ballard made their way into contention as the front-runners ran in two and three-wide formation throughout the event.

Running the low and middle grooves, Irvine unseated Kuennen out front on lap seven with Ballard and Happel making their way into second and third a short time later.

Happel swept to the high side as the leaders ran in three-wide formation off turn two with one lap to go. Happel surged ahead down the back stretch and held off pressure and contact from his nearest pursuers to score the thrilling win.

The victory was Happel's third of the season in Vinton and 12th of his weekly racing career at the speedway. He finished the night tied with Paul Shepherd for seventh on the all-time list. With four wins all-time during the month of July, this month matches August as the most successful months of Happel's career at the speedway.

A pair of drivers who have seen a lot of success through the years in Vinton found victory lane Sunday night. For each of them, it was one day shy of the 12th anniversary of their first career wins at the speedway.

Damon Murty earned his first IMCA Stock Car win at the speedway July 21, 2002 and Troy Cordes got his first Vinton win in the IMCA Modified division that same night nearly 12 years ago. Murty drove to his 65th Vinton Stock Car win Sunday night and Cordes earned his 43rd Vinton Modified win a short time later.

Second row starter Kaleb Bentley enjoyed the early lead in the Modified 20-lapper. He set the pace while Patrick Flannagan and Ronn Lauritzen gave chase.

Both drivers worked past Bentley on the third circuit and then battled for the lead for numerous laps while Cordes, J.D. Auringer, Joe Docekal and Scott Hogan worked their way into contention.

Running the low groove, Flannagan held Lauritzen at bay until Lauritzen worked around him on the fourth circuit. Lauritzen started to extend his advantage until Flannagan fought back down low to regain control on lap eight.

While the leaders continued to wage war out front, Cordes was running the middle and high grooves in a battle with Auringer for third while Docekal and Hogan shared a similar fight for fifth.

Meantime, Flannagan regained the point with five laps to go. Cordes broke free from Auringer long enough to sneak to the inside of Lauritzen for second. Once he secured that position, Cordes returned to the top side to challenge Flannagan.

Cordes pulled even with the leader as the white flag waved and rocketed ahead of the field down the back stretch. Cordes sped to victory in lapped traffic to earn his fourth win of the season. Hogan surged around Flannagan to steal second at the line in the exciting finish.

The 43 wins of his weekly racing career in Vinton place Cordes just one win shy of all-time leader Hogan. He has earned 12 of those 43 wins in the month of July.

Adam Gebel and Paul Shepherd shared time at the front of the 15-lap IMCA Stock Car feature before Murty powered into the lead on lap three.

Murty pulled away from the field to score the dominant win, his fourth of the season. Murty has now won a minimum of four Stock Car features in each of the last 10 seasons in Vinton. His 65 career Stock Car wins at the speedway leads all drivers.

Tony Olson continued his hot streak in the IMCA Northern SportMod division. Olson, who returned to racing weekly in Vinton June 15, has competed only five nights and has won three times, including Sunday night. He has finished no worse than fourth in those five events.

Pole-sitter Travis Peterson took the lead at the drop of the green in that 15-lapper and quickly pulled away from traffic. Peterson showed the way while Olson was running the low side through the pack after starting in row six.

Peterson built a sizable advantage by the time Olson made his way into the runner-up spot after only five laps. Olson quickly went to work and reeled in the leader just past the midway point of the event. With five laps to go, Olson worked the low side off turn two to steal the lead from Peterson on his way to victory.

His 12 career SportMod wins in weekly racing in Vinton is third-best in the division. All but five of those wins have come in the month of July.

Brody Willett used a last lap pass to earn his second win of the year in the BCS Micro Mod division. Buster Pate held the point throughout that 10-lapper until Willett closed the gap in the waning moments. He worked around Pate on the final circuit to steal the victory.

Bill Whalen Jr. dominated the eight-lap IMCA Sport Compact feature to earn his second straight win and seventh of the year. Whalen has now won a minimum of two straight races four separate times in his career in Vinton.

With five wins during the month of July, Whalen has 18 in his career in Vinton, placing him third on the all-time Sport Compact list.

My weekend travels took me to the Green Bay area for two nights of dirt track racing. If time allows, tomorrow I'll post some thoughts on my travels and trip to northeast Wisconsin.

I plan to head to Buena Vista Raceway in Alta this Wednesday to fill in on the mic and then return to Independence Motor Speedway Thursday for the World of Outlaws Late Model Series/XSAN Hawkeye Dirt Tour for IMCA Modifieds double dip. All of that is before double features in three divisions Saturday night in Independence.

It's a busy time of year all over the region so be sure to get out and support your local track. Have a great week!

Feature (made up July 20): 1. 29 Nathan Ballard, Marengo; 2. 46 Brian Happel, Vinton; 3. 45 Justin Wacha, Vinton; 4. 79 Benji Irvine, Stanley; 5. 78 Matt Brown, Dysart; 6. 17K Kyle Parizek, Belle Plaine; 7. 1 Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids; 8. 357 Brett Vanous, Quasqueton; 9. 07 Jacob Keiser, Marengo; 10. 91 Chris Moore, Fairfax.
Heat one (completed July 6): 1. Happel; 2. Wacha; 3. Irvine; 4. Brown; 5. Siems.
Heat two (completed July 6): 1. Ballard; 2. Keiser; 3. Parizek; 4. Moore; 5. Vanous.

Feature: 1. 71 Troy Cordes, Dunkerton; 2. 33D Scott Hogan, Vinton; 3. F7 Patrick Flannagan, Cedar Rapids; 4. 10K Ronn Lauritzen, Jesup; 5. 00 J.D. Auringer, Waterloo; 6. 12D Joe Docekal, Dysart; 7. 10 Kaleb Bentley, Fairbank; 8. 4 Ryan Maitland, Waterloo; 9. 57B Dennis Betzer, Central City; 10. 415 Josh Barta, Cedar Falls; 11. 14 Tom Hanson, Vinton; 12. 23 J.J. Scott, Iowa City; 13. 7 Todd Jensen, Waterloo; 14. 17 Devin Trumbley, Dunkerton; DNS/15. 80 Jerry Dedrick, Vinton.
Heat one: 1. Cordes; 2. Hogan; 3. Lauritzen; 4. Bentley; 5. Barta; 6. Betzer; 7. Trumbley.
Heat two: 1. Auringer; 2. Docekal; 3. Flannagan; 4. Jensen; 5. Maitland; 6. Hanson; 7. Scott; 8. Dedrick.

Feature: 1. 99D Damon Murty, Chelsea; 2. 67 Justin Stander, Vinton; 3. 99 Erick Knutsen, Cedar Rapids; 4. 15 Norman Chesmore, Rowley; 5. 47 Scott Pippert, Elberon; 6. 8 Curtis Roster, Vinton; 7. 76 Mike Galli, Urbana; 8. 14 Shane Ebaugh, Evansdale; 9. 8B Scott Beauregard, Brandon; 10. 62G Adam Gebel, Cedar Falls; 11. 31S Paul Shepherd, Marengo; 12. 3 Ryan Coleman, Vinton; 13. 76X Chad Siems, Shellsburg; 14. 18 Heath Evens, Independence.
Heat one: 1. Pippert; 2. Beauregard; 3. Roster; 4. Stander; 5. Knutsen; 6. Siems; DQ Coleman.
Heat two: 1. Chesmore; 2. Murty; 3. Shepherd; 4. Gebel; 5. Ebaugh; 6. Evens; 7. Galli.

Feature: 1. T23 Tony Olson, Cedar Rapids; 2. 3R Danny Dvorak, Vinton; 3. 25T Travis Peterson, Gladbrook; 4. 72 Brett Lowry, Montezuma; 5. 00 Jim Buhlman, Cedar Falls; 6. 7SR Shawn Ritter, Keystone; 7. 17 Dawn Krall, Evansdale; 8. 95 Mike McDonald, Cedar Rapids; 9. J2 Dave Schulze, Keystone; 10. 40J Jason Doyle, Cedar Rapids; 11. MR09 Kurt Hogan, Vinton; 12. 10S John Schaefer, La Porte City; 13. 57R Ryan King, Montour; 14. 339 Kevin Hurst, Janesville; 15. 22H Curt Hilmer, Dysart; 16. 199 Dave Burrell, Dysart; 17. 22 Matt Petrzelka, Norway; 18. K3 Kyle Olson, Cedar Rapids; 19. 15B Troy Burkhart, Urbana; 20. T17 Tom Rawlins, Kellogg; 21. 7D Dakoda Sellers, Vinton; 22. CH19 Colby Heishman, Brooklyn; 23. 19J Jenae Gustin, Marshalltown; 24. 6K Lee Rouse, Atkins.
Heat one: 1. Peterson; 2. Sellers; 3. Krall; 4. Ritter; 5. Dvorak; 6. Burrell; 7. Heishman; 8. Rawlins.
Heat two: 1. K. Olson; 2. Gustin; 3. Lowry; 4. Burkhart; 5. Hogan; 6. Buhlman; 7. Schulze; 8. Hurst.
Heat three: 1. T. Olson; 2. McDonald; 3. Doyle; 4. Hilmer; 5. Schaefer; 6. King; 7. Petrzelka; 8. Rouse.

Feature: 1. 46 Brian Happel, Vinton; 2. 29 Nathan Ballard, Marengo; 3. 79 Benji Irvine, Stanley; 4. 45 Justin Wacha, Vinton; 5. 23X Chad Albert, Cedar Rapids; 6. 55 Vince Buchholz, Tama; 7. 35B Shawn Kuennen, Hazleton; 8. 58B Randy Byerly, Tipton; 9. 81M Travis Merical, Marshalltown; 10. 1 Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids; 11. 78 Matt Brown, Dysart; 12. 17K Kyle Parizek, Belle Plaine; 13. 20B Matt Burmeister, Dunkerton; DNS/14. 53 Ray Fish, Oelwein; DNS/15. 19B Jim Sheldon, Marion.
Heat one: 1. Irvine; 2. Parizek; 3. Brown; 4. Burmeister; 5. Kuennen; 6. Albert; 7. Siems; 8. Merical.
Heat two: 1. Happel; 2. Ballard; 3. Wacha; 4. Buchholz; 5. Byerly; 6. Fish; 7. Sheldon.

1. 00W Bill Whalen Jr., Riverside; 2. 36 Dave Reed; 3. 3S Craig Streeter, Vinton; DNS/4. 07 Joe Goodenbour, Garrison.
Heat: 1. Whalen; 2. Reed; 3. Streeter; 4. Goodenbour.

Feature: 1. 00 Brody Willett, Alburnett; 2. 111 Buster Pate, Hiawatha; 3. 2 Brandon Maitland, Waterloo; 4. 71 Tristan Cordes, Dunkerton; 5. 18 Jeff Davis, La Porte City; 6. 6E Don Erger, Brandon; 7. 35 Jason Gorman, New Hampton; 8. 111A A.J. Witten, Cedar Rapids.
Heat: 1. Erger; 2. Pate; 3. Cordes; 4. Willett; 5. Gorman; 6. Maitland; 7. Davis; DNS Witten.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Auringer tops 20th annual Hogan Memorial at Benton County Speedway

J.D. Auringer earned his second career Hogan Memorial win Sunday night at Benton County Speedway - and he did it in convincing fashion.

The IMCA Modified driver redrew the outside front row starting spot and took the lead at the drop of the green. He led all 40 laps and took home $3,850 for his efforts in the 20th annual event. (complete results follow below)

Auringer extended his advantage to a full straightaway while fourth row starting Hunter Marriott made his way into second. Dan Chapman, who started right behind Marriott, settled into third as Auringer approached slower traffic.

The top three ran in that formation when the yellow flag waved for a mandatory caution on lap 20. During that time, all cars stopped on the front stretch and crews had five minutes to make any changes to the cars.

When racing resumed, Auringer again built a straightaway lead before Marriott eventually broke free from Chapman in the battle for second. Marriott trimmed a little off of the huge deficit, however Auringer masterfully worked his way through traffic to score the victory.

Auringer, also the 2007 event champ, joined four-time winner Scott Hogan and two-time winner Timm Jensen as the only repeat winners in the event's 20-year history.

Mike Jergens earned one of the 26 qualifying spots by winning one of two B features. He advanced 13 positions to finish fourth to take home hard charger honors. Richie Gustin completed the top five.

1. (2) 00J J.D. Auringer, Waterloo - Dating back to 2003, Auringer has qualified for 10 of the last 12 events, including the last six. Auringer led the list of seven past champions who started Sunday night's 40-lapper.
2. (7) 62 Hunter Marriott, Brookfield, Mo. - Marriott led the list of nine first-time qualifiers in 2014. 
3. (9) 1 Dan Chapman, Clarence - Chapman has qualified for the last six Hogan Memorials. His average finish is 12.17. His third place run Sunday night was his second best in the event.
4. (17) 37 Mike Jergens, Plover - Jergens was a first-time qualifier in 2014.
5. (5) 19G Richie Gustin, Gilman - The 2012 event winner, Gustin has qualified for five straight Hogan Memorials, finished in the top 10 each of the last four years and in the top five each of the last three years. 
6. (11) 10C Cayden Carter, Oskaloosa - The defending race winner, Carter has qualified for the Hogan Memorial three consecutive years. He has averaged a fourth place finish the three times he has qualified for the event.
7. (10) 21K Kyle Brown, Kellogg - Brown has also qualified for the Hogan Memorial three consecutive years. His seventh place run Sunday night was his career best in the event.
8. (1) 10M Jeremy Mills, Garner - Mills was a first-time qualifier in 2014.
9. (16) 71 Troy Cordes, Dunkerton - A 14-time Hogan Memorial qualifier, Cordes finished in the top 10 for the 11th time Sunday night. Cordes has qualified for 12 of the last 13 events and has an all-time average finish of 7.07 in his 14 feature appearances.
10. (18) 12D Joe Docekal, Dysart - Docekal has qualified for five straight Hogan Memorial features and has finished in the top 10 three straight years.
11. (19) 25 Jake Bowman, Maquoketa - Bowman has qualified each of the last three years. Sunday's 11th place finish was the best of his career.
12. (4) 20L Zach Less, Hopkinton - Less was a first-time qualifier in 2014.
13. (21) 4TW Tim Ward, Gilbert, Ariz. - Ward was a first-time qualifier in 2014.
14. (12) 10K Ronn Lauritzen, Jesup - Lauritzen, a five-time qualifier, has made the feature four years in-a-row.
15. (13) 61 Bruce Hanford, Davenport - Hanford was a first-time qualifier in 2014.
16. (22) 33D Scott Hogan, Vinton - A 15-time qualifier for the event, Hogan has qualified 11 straight years. 
17. (3) 83G Josh Gilman, Earlham - Gilman was a first-time qualifier in 2014.
18. (8) 8 Tony Snyder, Readlyn - Snyder was a first-time qualifier in 2014.
19. (24) 64 Vern Jackson, Waterloo - The 2004 champion, Jackson has qualified eight times and each of the last two years.
20. (15) 26J Joel Rust, Grundy Center - Rust was a first-time qualifier in 2014.
21. (14) 70 Mitch Morris, Eldridge - Morris has qualified twice in the last three years.
22. (20) 92 Tyler Droste, Waterloo - Droste has qualified two straight years.
23. (23) 01 Ed Thomas, Waterloo - Thomas has qualified for a record 17 straight times and is the only driver in history to compete in all 20 Hogan Memorials.
24. (25) F7 Patrick Flannagan, Cedar Rapids - Flannagan has qualified 15 consecutive years.
25. (26) 80 Jerry Dedrick, Vinton - Dedrick has qualified four straight years.
26. (6) 505 Racer Hulin, Laurel - Hulin has qualified each of the last two years. 

Heat one (3 qualify, 2 redraw): 1. Snyder; 2. Less; 3. Carter; 4. Droste; 5. Jergens; 6. 11B Mike Burbridge, Delhi; 7. Cordes; 8. Hogan; 9. 415 Josh Barta, Cedar Falls.
Heat two: 1. Hulin; 2. D. Chapman; 3. Lauritzen; 4. Ward; 5. 71W Jeff Waterman, Quincy, Ill.; 6. 23JR Nick Roberts, Des Moines; 7. 21 Brennen Chipp, Waterloo; 8. 4G Kevin Goben, Sherrard, Ill.; 9. K1 Kyle Krampe, Baxter.
Heat three: 1. Marriott; 2. Gustin; 3. Hanford; 4. Flannagan; 5. 12 Scott Drake, Joplin, Mo.; 6. Thomas; 7. 14 Tom Hanson, Vinton; 8. 14J Joey Franklin, Las Vegas, Nev.; 9. Jackson.
Heat four: 1. Gilman; 2. Auringer; 3. Morris; 4. 81 Jesse Belez, Marengo; 5. 19SB Lance Mari, Imperial, Cal.; 6. Dedrick; 7. 10 Kaleb Bentley, Fairbank; 8. 57B Dennis Betzer, Central City; 9. 3C Max Corporon, Marion.
Heat five: 1. Mills; 2. Brown; 3. Rust; 4. Docekal; 5. 77M Jeff Mueller, New London; 6. Bowman; 7. 1JR Ben Chapman, Clarence; 8. 23 J.J. Scott, Iowa City; 9. 7M Mike Weikert Jr., Muscatine.
First B feature (3 transfer): 1. Cordes; 2. Docekal; 3. Droste; 4. Roberts; 5. Waterman; 6. Flannagan; 7. Jackson; 8. Mari; 9. Goben; 10. Dedrick; 11. B. Chapman; 12. Barta; 13. Betzer; 14. Hanson; 15. Weikert.
Second B feature: 1. Jergens; 2. Bowman; 3. Ward; 4. Mueller; 5. Hogan; 6. Burbridge; 7. Franklin; 8. Bentley; 9. Corporon; 10. Thomas; 11. Chipp; 12. Scott; DNS Belez; DNS Drake; DNS Krampe.
Provisionals: Hogan (past champion and track points), Thomas (past champion), Jackson (past champion), Flannagan (track points), Dedrick (track points). 

IMCA Stock Cars, IMCA Northern SportMods, IMCA Hobby Stocks and BCS Micro Mods were also on-hand for weekly points racing. Four first-time Hogan Memorial winners in those divisions also celebrated in victory lane.

Justin Stander chose the perfect time to earn his first career win in the IMCA Stock Car division. The first-year Stock Car driver raced the high side to victory in a thrilling 15-lapper.

Paul Shepherd assumed the early command from his second row starting spot. He worked the low side to the front while Stander, who started alongside Shepherd, challenged Curtis Roster and Jay Schmidt for second.

Shepherd enjoyed a few car-lengths over the field while Norman Chesmore and Justin Temeyer joined the battle for the runner-up spot. Stander, Schmidt, Chesmore and Temeyer ran in door-to-door, nose-to-tail formation for a number of laps before Stander pulled away from that group on the high side.

Shepherd, who was running low, continued to show the way while Stander reeled him in. Stander drew even with the leader late and surged ahead off the top of turn four on the final lap to take the exciting victory. 

With the win, Stander became the 33rd different Stock Car winner in weekly racing history at the speedway, dating back to the start of the 2001 season. He became the most recent first-time winner since Scott Pippert got his first win May 5, 2013. That span of 434 days is the longest between first-time Stock Car winners in track history.

Stander became the sixth different Stock Car winner on Hogan Memorial night in the 14 seasons they have been a part of the event.

Much like Stander, Sam Wieben won in thrilling fashion in the 15-lap IMCA Northern SportMod main. 

Kurt Hogan held the early lead after starting outside of row one. Hogan set the pace while Wieben worked from a third row starting spot.

Wieben settled into second on the fourth lap while points leader Brett Lowry pressured from the bottom. That pair split around Hogan with five laps to go as they entered a three wide battle off turn two. 

Wieben took command down the back stretch and then held off Lowry to earn his second win of the season, also the second of his career on the Vinton quarter-mile.

His two wins place Wieben in a tie with Bob Ebaugh, Brett Root, Joe Docekal, Kurt Moeding, Kyle Wahlert, Mike Krall, Rod McDonald and Ryan Maitland for 20th on the track's all-time SportMod wins list.

Wieben became the seventh different SportMod winner in the 10 years the division has been a part of the Hogan Memorial and the sixth straight different SportMod winner in the event.

Although the high side worked for many throughout the night, which is where Brian Happel can usually be found on Sunday nights in Vinton, the IMCA Hobby Stock driver raced the low groove to victory in that 15-lapper.

Happel assumed command on lap three from leader Nathan Ballard to drive to his second win of the season and the 11th of his career in weekly racing history at the speedway.

All-time, Happel's 11 Hobby Stock victories tie him with Jerry Luloff, Matt Brown, Scooter Dulin and Steve Meyer for eighth on the track's wins list. Happel currently sits as the only driver in the division with multiple wins in each of the last two seasons. 

With his first win during the Hogan Memorial, Happel became the 14th different Hobby Stock winner in event history. The division has taken part in all 20 Hogan Memorial events.

Don Erger earned his second straight win and third win of the year in the BCS Micro Mod division. Erger raced from row two into the lead by the completion of the first lap and then led the entire 10-lap distance to score the victory. 

Hogan Memorial Notes:
The 40-lap Modified feature was broken down into two 20-lap segments, as has been the case the last few years. The 40-lapper was completed in an incredible 24 minutes, which included the mandatory lap 20 caution. Each 20-lap caution-free segment took approximately six minutes to complete. In fact, all 26 starters were still running at the midway point and 23 of them were on the lead lap. Simply incredible.

As always, the Hogan Memorial brought out the best drivers in the region, plus a few from other parts of the country. In all 124 drivers signed in to compete Sunday night, including an impressive 45 IMCA Modifieds representing six states. The entire program, which consisted of 22 events, started at 6 p.m. and was completed at 9:49.

It is amazing to think not only how big the Hogan Memorial has grown in its 20 years, but how important the event has become. It's more than a race, it's a celebration. What started as a tribute to the memory of Dick Hogan shortly after his passing in 1995 has become a celebration of racing family.

Scott and Jolyne Hogan and Scott's sister, Terri Shafer, will be the first to tell you this event isn't about the Hogan name, it's about our racing community. The tireless effort the Hogan family puts into this event is simply astounding. The long list of sponsors who are eager to give back to racers and fans says a lot about the Hogan family and the huge crowd that turns out year-in and year-out shows how special this event has become.

Thank you to Scott, Jolyne and Terri for making this event a must-see every season and for making the 20th annual Hogan Memorial the best yet.

Before you scroll through the results listed below, take a few moments to read through the list of sponsors who help make the Hogan Memorial so special every year. It is their generosity that has allowed the event to grow into one of the premier events in the region. 

Position Sponsors: Bob & Kathy Gove; Ted Usher & Deb Wheeler; Dave Kelchen/Vinton Fareway; Post Family; Tenacity Graphics; CarQuest; Jolly's; John & Carol Noe; Jim & Paige Ford and Family, in memory of Kenny Ford; Keith & Teresa Lindsey; Peyton Laughridge & Lillian Springer; Sheds by Leroy; Performance Bodies; Doug, Julia & Hayden Laughridge; Sperry Engines; Brett & Virginia Root and Family; Derek Noe & Dana Elliott; The Manternachs; Tyler Roberts; G&G Auto Parts; TJ & Jane Johnson.
Lap Sponsors: Stevo & Julie Lessig and Family; in memory of Merv Chandler; Steve & Sue Laughridge, in memory of Dick & Janet Hogan; Weikert Iron & Metal; Bob & Kathy Gove; Dick Bridge; Danika Johnson; Pete & Jill Buschmann; Chuck & Genny Flatberg; in memory of Denny Thomas; Thomas Tax Service; Ted Usher & Deb Wheeler; Aaron & Amanda Burkey; Cassill Motors; Derek Noe & Dana Elliott; in memory of Grandpa Burkey; Total Balance; Brad & Jackie Shaw and Family; Stoney Leonard Family; Bret & Tina Nelson; Sperry Engines; Manatts; Tenacity Graphics; Performance Bodies; Stadium Bar & Grill; G&G Auto Parts; Ehlinger's; Theisen's; Brett Whitson; John's Tire; Doug &Danielle Robison; Dave Kelchen/Vinton Fareway; Nick's TV & Appliance; Benton County Fair Board; Cheri Osborn; Drew Hogan.
Heat Race Sponsors: $100 to each heat race winner, courtesy of Victory Chassis (heats 1 and 2), Walt & Deane Stout (heat 3), Cassill Motors (heats 4 and 5).

Hard Charger: RonDaVoo Lounge & Deli ($250 Modifieds, $125 SportMods, $125 Stock Cars); Mahr Transportation ($250 Modifieds);
Winner Bonus: Scott Pippert Trucking ($100 each to winners of the Modified, Stock Car, SportMod and Hobby Stock features); J&V NAPA ($100 to Stock Car winner); Tenacity Graphics/Travis Brown awarded a free wrap to the winners of the Modified and SportMod features (a value of $625 each).
Additional Purse Money: Tony, Bina Kramer & Family of Tulchu Seafoods provided an additional $1,000 to the Modified purse; Greg Peacock Construction (in memory of Barry Peacock) added $600 in to the Modified, Stock Car and SportMod purses.
Other Bonuses: IMCA offered a $250 bonus to the lap 20 leader of the Modified feature and also awarded a Hoosier tire; Seegy's awarded a $75 gift card to a Modified driver in a random drawing (Hunter Marriott); Fauser Oil awarded a barrel of fuel to Modified driver in a random drawing (Josh Gilman).
Past Champion Bonus: Richie Gustin offered $50 to the Modified winner if the winner was a past champion.
Grandstand prizes: $100 Frisbee (1st place Modified finisher); $75 Frisbee (2nd place Modified finisher); $50 Frisbee (3rd place Modified finisher); (5) $10 gift cards to Stadium Bar & Grill; (2) $50 Fareway gift cards; T-shirts and three gift cards from Total Balance, courtesy of Julie Lessig and Lisa Hopkins; 100 candy bags to kids; 10 backpacks to kids.

And now, onto the rest of the results from Sunday night... 

Feature: 1. 67 Justin Stander, Shellsburg; 2. 31S Paul Shepherd, Marengo; 3. 56T Justin Temeyer, Independence; 4. 19J Jay Schmidt, Tama; 5. 15 Norman Chesmore, Rowley; 6. 7H Phil Holtz, Manchester; 7. 99D Damon Murty, Chelsea; 8. 1X Michael Peterson, Montezuma; 9. 47 Scott Pippert, Elberon; 10. 12 Duayne Herb, Marion; 11. 76 Mike Galli, Urbana; 12. 22K Kevin Rose, Waterloo; 13. 8B Scott Beauregard, Brandon; 14. 44 Brett Timmerman, Wapello; 15. 38 Matt Brown, Marion; 16. 20M Perry Misner, Garden City, Kan.; 17. 87A Aaron Matthias, Fairbank; 18. 62G Adam Gebel, Cedar Falls; 19. 4JR Russell Damme Jr., Waterloo; 20. 32D Dave Sires, Cedar Falls; 21. Curtis Roster, Vinton.
First heat: 1. Temeyer; 2. Schmidt; 3. Chesmore; 4. Shepherd; 5. Herb; 6. Beauregard; 7. Brown; 8. Galli; 9. Sires; 10. Misner.
Second heat: 1. Holtz; 2. Stander; 3. Roster; 4. Peterson; 5. Timmerman; 6. Matthias; 7. Pippert; 8. Rose; 9. Damme; 10. Gebel; 11. Murty. 

Feature: 1. 198 Sam Wieben, Dysart; 2. 72 Brett Lowry, Montezuma; 3. MR09 Kurt Hogan, Vinton; 4. T23 Tony Olson, Cedar Rapids; 5. S16 Kip Siems, Cedar Falls; 6. 36 Jacob Salisbury, Dunkerton; 7. 3R Danny Dvorak, Vinton; 8. 95 Mike McDonald, Cedar Rapids; 9. 15B Troy Burkhart, Urbana; 10. 22H Curt Hilmer, Dysart; 11. 43 Creston Williams, Newhall; 12. 96 Lucas Lundry, Maynard; 13. 35 Kyle Bentley, Independence; 14. 7D Dakoda Sellers, Vinton; 15. J2 Dave Schulze, Keystone; 16. 22 Matt Petrzelka, Norway; 17. 00 Jim Buhlman, Cedar Falls; 18. 777 Jaime Duinink, Pella; 19. 7SR Shawn Ritter, Keystone; 20. 16K Brandon Morris, Cedar Rapids; 21. K3 Kyle Olson, Cedar Rapids; 22. 199 Dave Burrell, Dysart.
Heat one: 1. Hilmer; 2. Bentley; 3. Buhlman; 4. Ritter; 5. Duinink; 6. 6T Siraj Thomason, Montezuma; 7. CH19 Colby Heishman, Brooklyn; DNS 25 Travis Peterson, Gladbrook.
Heat two: 1. Burkhart; 2. Hogan; 3. Wieben; 4. Sellers; 5. Dvorak; 6. Williams; 7. 42L Lon Mercer, Urbana; DNS 57R Ryan King, Montour.
Heat three: 1. Salisbury; 2. 19J Jenae Gustin, Marshalltown; 3. Lowry; 4. McDonald; 5. Lundry; 6. Petrzelka; 7. 4 Ryan Maitland, Waterloo; 8. 7 Carter VanDenBerg, Oskaloosa; 9. 6K Lee Rouse, Atkins.
Heat four: 1. K. Olson; 2. T. Olson; 3. Siems; 4. Morris; 5. 17 Dawn Krall, Evansdale; 6. Schulze; 7. 339 Kevin Hurst, Janesville; 8. 10S John Schaefer, La Porte City; 9. Burrell.
B feature: 1. Dvorak; 2. Duinink; 3. Petrzelka; 4. Williams; 5. Hurst; 6. Gustin; 7. Schulze; 8. Schaefer; 9. Peterson; 10. Maitland; 11. VanDenBerg; 12. Krall; 13. Thomason; 14. Heishman; 15. Rouse; 16. Mercer; 17. Burrell; DNS King. 

Feature: 1. 46 Brian Happel, Vinton; 2. 29 Nathan Ballard, Marengo; 3. 19 Bill Bonnett, Knoxville; 4. 79 Benji Irvine, Stanley; 5. 07 Jacob Keiser, Marengo; 6. 78 Matt Brown, Dysart; 7. 17K Kyle Parizek, Belle Plaine; 8. 4P Matt Pohlman, Keystone; 9. 35B Shawn Kuennen, Hazleton; 10. 45 Justin Wacha, Vinton; 11. 55 Vince Buchholz, Tama; 12. 09 Brad Forbes, Waterloo; 13. 48 Brock Beeter, Minot, N.D.; 14. 91 Chris Moore, Fairfax; 15. 1 Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids; 16. 357 Brett Vanous, Quasqueton; 17. 75D Dale Kite, Keystone; 18. 7P Jordan Peters, Des Moines.
Heat one: 1. Happel; 2. Brown; 3. Irvine; 4. Kuennen; 5. Peters; 6. Vanous; 7. Moore; 8. Kite; 9. Wacha.
Heat two: 1. Ballard; 2. Keiser; 3. Parizek; 4. Bonnett; 5. Pohlman; 6. Beeter; 7. Forbes; 8. Buchholz; 9. Siems. 

Feature: 1. 6E Don Erger, Brandon; 2. 111 Buster Pate, Hiawatha; 3. 2 Brandon Maitland, Waterloo; 4. 00 Brody Willett, Cedar Rapids; 5. 71 Tristan Cordes, Dunkerton; 6. 111A A.J. Witten, Cedar Rapids.
Heat: 1. Erger; 2. Pate; 3. Willett; 4. Maitland; 5. Cordes; 6. Witten. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Olson sweeps SportMods on busy night at Benton County Speedway

Due to a rain-shortened program a week ago, race fans were provided with more than a full night of racing Sunday at Benton County Speedway.

The IMCA Northern SportMods completed five a 15 scheduled laps in their feature June 29 before the rain fell, leaving the rest of that feature to be made up July 6, along with make-up features for the IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Hobby Stocks and BCS Micro Mods. In addition, a complete show was run for all six weekly divisions for the Gary's Auto Mid-Season Championships portion of the program. That meant 10 feature events were scheduled to wrap up the Independence Day holiday weekend.

Since points needed to be calculated and lineups made following the make-up features, I didn't get to see much of the action Sunday night, however the official complete results for all events Sunday (including last week's qualifying heat races) follow below.

Tony Olson made the most of his return to the SportMod division, as well as his recent return to Benton County Speedway, as he swept both features Sunday night.

After spending a few years behind the wheel of an IMCA Modified, Olson returned to the SportMod ranks in 2014. Entering Sunday night, he had completed a feature on the Vinton quarter-mile only once this season.

The 2007 SportMod track champion, Olson started the June 29 feature 11th and sat in 10th when the rain fell and delayed the completion of the event.

When the race resumed Sunday, Olson worked his way into the top five by the midway point before challenging Dave Schulze for the lead with three laps to go. He took over the top spot as the flying green waved to race to victory, his first in the division in nearly seven years in Vinton. His last SportMod win at the speedway came on July 8, 2007.

Olson didn't wait nearly as long before his next trip to victory lane. He started 10th in the regularly scheduled feature and raced the low line into contention, entering the top four by the time caution slowed action with six laps complete.

He quickly worked his way into the runner-up spot and challenged Joey Schaefer for the lead before taking control on the ninth circuit. He led the remainder of the event to sweep the evening.

Olson has now won 11 times in weekly racing history in the SportMod division in Vinton. Seven of those 11 wins have come during the month of July.

Olson ranks third all-time in SportMod wins in Vinton behind Danny Dvorak (52 wins) and Austin Kaplan (25). A total of 3,324 days span his first win (May 30, 2005) and Sunday's victories. That is the longest such span in division history at the speedway.

Outside front row starter Patrick Flannagan took the lead at the drop of the green and led all 20 laps in the make-up event for the IMCA Modified division.

With the win, Flannagan has 13 career Modified wins in weekly racing history in Vinton. That placed him in a tie (momentarily) with J.D. Auringer and Timm Jensen for ninth on the all-time list.

It was Flannagan's first win in Vinton since May 6, 2012. He has now earned at least one Modified feature win in eight of the last 12 seasons at the speedway. Five of his 13 wins have come in the month of July.

In the regularly scheduled 20-lap feature, Mike Burbridge and Ronn Lauritzen shared time at the front before Auringer made his way into the lead with seven laps remaining. He raced the low groove to victory to earn his second win of the year.

With his 14th career Modified win in Vinton, Auringer broke the tie with Flannagan and Jensen and moved into a tie with Corey Dripps for eighth on the track's all-time wins list. It is the first time Auringer has earned multiple wins in Vinton since his track championship season in 2007 when he won seven times. Only two other times has Auringer won this late in the season in Vinton - July 9, 2006 and July 26, 2007.

Norman Chesmore raced to his third win in the last five weeks in the 15-lap IMCA Stock Car main event. Chesmore started in row four and worked the low groove to the front. He took control on lap six to drive to victory.

Chesmore's 23 career Stock Car wins in Vinton place him fourth on the all-time list. He trails Curtis Roster by four wins for third. Six of Chesmore's 23 wins have come in the month of July.

Don Erger held off late pressure from Brandon Maitland to score his second win of the season in the make-up feature for the BCS Micro Mod division. Brody Willett led all 10 laps to earn his first career win in the division's mid-season make-up feature.

Kyle Parizek led the entire distance and won the 15-lap make-up feature for the IMCA Hobby Stock division for his first win of the season. Parizek has eight career Hobby Stock wins to his credit at the speedway, placing him in a tie with Jerry Dedrick for 17th on the all-time list. Half of Parizek's wins have come during the month of July.

Only a few laps were completed in the regularly scheduled Hobby Stock feature before rain and the threat of severe weather put an end to the program. It was the final event of the evening and will be made up in two weeks on July 20. It is being pushed back two weeks due to the running of the 20th annual Hogan Memorial next Sunday, July 13.

The Hobby Stock feature may have been completed if not for a delay following the IMCA Sport Compact feature.

With only five cars signed in and bad weather on the way, that feature was cut back to six laps. Bill Whalen Jr. won the event for his sixth win of the year, but proceeded to make a number of laps after the checkers waved. Whatever the reason for his refusal to pull in (and there really is no good one), it cost a few extra minutes and may have prevented the Hobby Stocks from completing their event. Either way, it's unfortunate, frustrating and a poor move on Whalen's part for not pulling in when the race was over.

Next Sunday in Vinton is the 20th annual Hogan Memorial, featuring a potential $4,000 payday for one IMCA Modified driver. While the Modifieds will not be running for track points, IMCA Stock Cars, IMCA Northern SportMods and IMCA Hobby Stocks will also be part of the annual event and will be competing for track points.

The Hogan Memorial is the biggest event of the year in Vinton and includes the best Modified drivers in the region. It is definitely an event you will want to attend.

Have a great week!

RESULTS (June 29)
Feature (completed July 6): 1. F7 Patrick Flannagan, Cedar Rapids; 2. Scott Hogan, Vinton; 3. 00 J.D. Auringer, Waterloo; 4. 71 Troy Cordes, Dunkerton; 5. 10K Ronn Lauritzen, Jesup; 6. 12D Joe Docekal, Dysart; 7. 20L Zach Less, Hopkinton; 8. 80 Jerry Dedrick, Vinton; 9. 415 Josh Barta, Cedar Falls; 10. 77 Tim McBride, Denver; 11. 7 Todd Jensen, Waterloo; 12. 17 Devin Trumbley, Dunkerton; 13. 11B Mike Burbridge, Delhi; 14/DNS 22X Nick Nevins, Lisbon; 15/DNS 15K Justin Kay, Wheatland; 16/DNS 14 Tom Hanson, Vinton.
Heat one: 1. Cordes; 2. Burbridge; 3. Lauritzen; 4. Hogan; 5. Kay; 6. Barta; 7. McBride; 8. Hanson.
Heat two: 1. Flannagan; 2. Auringer; 3. Nevins; 4. Dedrick; 5. Jensen; 6. Trumbley; 7. Less; 8. Docekal.

Feature (completed July 6): 1. T23 Tony Olson, Cedar Rapids; 2. 3R Danny Dvorak, Vinton; 3. J2 Dave Schulze, Keystone; 4. 72 Brett Lowry, Montezuma; 5. 57R Ryan King, Montour; 6. 17 Dawn Krall, Evansdale; 7. 22 Matt Petrzelka, Norway; 8. 199 Dave Burrell, Dysart; 9. 7D Dakoda Sellers, Vinton; 10. 22H Curt Hilmer, Dysart; 11. 00 Jim Buhlman, Cedar Falls; 12. T17 Tom Rawlins, Kellogg; 13. 10S John Schaefer, La Porte City; 14. 6T Siraj Thomason, Montezuma; 15. 42L Lon Mercer, Urbana; 16. 16K Brandon Morris, Cedar Rapids; 17. 198 Sam Wieben, Dysart; 18. 7SR Shawn Ritter, Keystone; 19. 3T Tyler Soppe, Sherrill; 20. 95 Mike McDonald, Cedar Rapids; 21. 35 Kyle Bentley, Independence; 22. 30 Joey Schaefer, Waterloo; 23/DNS CH19 Colby Heishman.
Heat one: 1. Krall; 2. Joey Schaefer; 3. Dvorak; 4. Sellers; 5. King; 6. Morris; 7. Thomas; 8. Heishman.
Heat two: 1. Schulze; 2. Soppe; 3. Ritter; 4. Lowry; 5. John Schaefer; 6. Buhlman; 7. Burrell; 8. Mercer.
Heat three: 1. Olson; 2. Wieben; 3. McDonald; 4. Hilmer; 5. Bentley; 6. Petrzelka; 7. Rawlins.

Feature (completed July 6): 1. 17K Kyle Parizek, Belle Plaine; 2. 45 Justin Wacha, Vinton; 3. 79 Benji Irvine, Stanley; 4. 46 Brian Happel, Vinton; 5. 78 Matt Brown, Dysart; 6. 07 Jacob Keiser, Marengo; 7. 357 Brett Vanous, Quasqueton.
Heat: 1. Parizek; 2. Brown; 3. Irvine; 4. Happel; 5. Vanous; 6. Keiser; 7. Vanous.

Feature (completed July 6): 1. 6E Don Erger, Brandon; 2. 2 Brandon Maitland, Waterloo; 3. 111 Buster Pate, Hiawatha; 4. 71 Tristan Cordes, Dunkerton; 5. 111A A.J. Witten, Cedar Rapids; 6/DNS 8 Curt Luhmann, Rishford, Minn.; 7/DNS 9F John Hershberger, Rochester, Minn.; 8/DNS 5 Eli Hershberger, Rochester, Minn.; 9/DNS 00X Bryce Bailey, Cedar Rapids; 10/DNS 42 Chris Eide, Rushford, Minn.
Heat one: 1. Maitland; 2. J. Hershberger; 3. Erger; 4. Eide; 5. Witten.
Heat two: 1. Luhmann; 2. E. Hershberger; 3. Bailey; 4. Pate; 5. Cordes.

RESULTS (July 6)
Feature: 1. 00J J.D. Auringer; 2. 10K Ronn Lauritzen; 3. 71 Troy Cordes; 4. 11B Mike Burbridge; 5. 12D Joe Docekal; 6. 33D Scott Hogan; 7. F7 Patrick Flannagan; 8. 10 Kaleb Bentley, Fairbank; 9. K1 Kyle Krampe, Baxter; 10. 20L Zach Less; 11. 21 Brennen Chipp, Waterloo; 12. 415 Josh Barta; 13. 80 Jerry Dedrick; 14. 77 Tim McBride; 15. 17 Devin Trumbley; DNS 7 Todd Jensen; DNS 14 Tom Hanson.
Heat one: 1. Auringer; 2. Burbridge; 3. Hogan; 4. Krampe; 5. Less; 6. Chipp; 7. Dedrick; 8. Trumbley; DNS Hanson.
Heat two: 1. Lauritzen; 2. Cordes; 3. Flannagan; 4. Docekal; 5. Bentley; 6. Barta; 7. McBride; DNS Jensen.

Feature: 1. 15 Norman Chesmore, Rowley; 2. 47 Scott Pippert, Elberon; 3. 19J Jay Schmidt, Tama; 4. 76 Mike Galli, Urbana; 5. 67 Justin Stander, Shellsburg; 6. 8 Curtis Roster, Vinton; 7. 62G Adam Gebel, Cedar Falls; 8. 8B Scott Beauregard, Brandon; 9. 1X Michael Peterson, Montezuma; 10. 3 Ryan Coleman, Vinton; 11. 8E Mitchell Evens, Independence.
Heat one: 1. Stander; 2. Beauregard; 3. Chesmore; 4. Gebel; 5. Peterson; 6. Coleman.
Heat two: 1. Roster; 2. Pippert; 3. Schmidt; 4. Galli; 5. Evens.

Feature: 1. T23 Tony Olson; 2. 30 Joey Schaefer; 3. 00 Jim Buhlman; 4. 3R Danny Dvorak; 5. 72 Brett Lowry; 6. T17 Tom Rawlins; 7. 22 Matt Petrzelka; 8. 95 Mike McDonald; 9. 7D Dakoda Sellers; 10. K3 Kyle Olson, Cedar Rapids; 11. 36 Jacob Salisbury, Dunkerton; 12. J2 Dave Schulze; 13. 22H Curt Hilmer; 14. 199 Dave Burrell; 15. 6T Siraj Thomason; 16. 17 Dawn Krall; 17. 10S John Schaefer; 18. 6K Lee Rouse, Atkins; 19. 57R Ryan King; 20. MR09 Kurt Hogan, Vinton; 21. 16K Brandon Morris; 22. 42L Lon Mercer; 23. 4 Ryan Maitland, Waterloo; 24. 15B Troy Burkhart, Urbana.
Heat one: 1. Joey Schaefer; 2. Petrzelka; 3. McDonald; 4. T. Olson; 5. Hogan; 6. Salisbury; 7. Maitland; 8. King.
Heat two: 1. Buhlman; 2. Rawlins; 3. Schulze; 4. Burkhart; 5. Dvorak; 6. Thomason; 7. Rouse; 8. Burrell.
Heat three: 1. Lowry; 2. K. Olson; 3. Hilmer; 4. Sellers; 5. Morris; 6. John Schaefer; 7. Krall; 8. Mercer.

Feature: Rained out. Will be made up July 20.
Heats: Results will be included upon completion of feature.

Feature: 1. 00W Bill Whalen Jr., Riverside; 2. 3S Craig Streeter, Vinton; 3. 36DD Gary Peiffer, Troy Mills; 4. 99J Jeremy Lerch, Vinton; 5. 4 Mike Tedesco, Jesup.
Heat: 1. Whalen; 2. Streeter; 3. Lerch; 4. Peiffer; 5. Tedesco. 

Feature: 1. 00 Brody Willett, Cedar Rapids; 2. 2 Brandon Maitland; 3. 111 Buster Pate; 4. 1 Chuck Ihde, Decorah; 5. 71 Tristan Cordes; 6. 26 Mason Schwake, Sumner; 7. 7 Adam Rogich, Mabel, Minn.; 8. 35 Jason Gorman, New Hampton; 9. 111A A.J. Witten; 10. 6E Don Erger.
Heat one: 1. Cordes; 2. Pate; 3. Schwake; 4. Rogich; 5. Witten.
Heat two: 1. Erger; 2. Ihde; 3. Willett; 4. Gorman; 5. Maitland.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Irvine sweeps Stock Cars while Kriz, Cordes take Modified wins in Indee

Brian Irvine has made the most of his limited number of appearances this season at Independence Motor Speedway. Entering Saturday night, he was two-for-two in the IMCA Stock Car division and finished the night with four wins in four events at the speedway.

Irvine topped the make-up mid-season championship feature and survived an early tire change to also win the regularly scheduled 18-lapper to sweep the night in the division.

Coming from a sixth row start, Irvine passed leader Justin Hanson on lap seven of the make-up feature and then won the event going away.

In the second feature, Irvine started outside of row six and made his way into second place in just three laps before a flat tire forced him to the pits. Following a quick tire change while the race was under caution, Irvine tagged the tail of the field for the restart.

From there, he made his way through the pack and around leader Jason Hocken with five laps to go to win in impressive fashion.

Irvine has won 35 Stock Car features in weekly racing history in Independence. He remains second on the Stock Car wins list at the speedway to Dan Trimble, who has 69.

Overall, Irvine has won 51 times in weekly action in Independence. He now sits fifth on the track's all-time wins list, one shy of Darin Duffy for fourth.

The Stock Car wins were Irvine's 12th and 13th during the month of July. He became the first driver to sweep a make-up feature and regular feature at the speedway since Tim Bartholomew accomplished the feat on season championship night in the Hobby Stock division in 1997.

Jeff Kriz entered the night with one Modified win to his credit - a victory he earned in Blue Grass around a decade ago. He earned his first Independence IMCA Modified win in the mid-season make-up event Saturday night.

Kriz led throughout the 20-lapper and fought off late pressure from Vern Jackson to take the milestone win.

With the victory, Kriz became the 83rd different IMCA Modified winner in weekly racing history at the speedway and the 15th to earn his first win during the month of July.

Fresh off his $10,000 win in the Aftermarket Nationals at Farley Speedway Thursday night, Troy Cordes took over the points lead with his win in the regularly scheduled IMCA Modified main.

Cordes raced from the seventh row and ran the top side around race-long leader Mike Burbridge to take control on the 17th of 20 laps. He pulled away to earn the victory, his second of the season, in impressive fashion.

Cordes ranks third on the track's wins list for Modifieds with 33 victories to his credit. Saturday's win was his 11th during the month of July. He has won multiple Modified features in 10 separate seasons on the Independence oval. Only Vern Jackson has more seasons with multiple Modified wins at the speedway. He has done it 11 times.

With 34 career wins in Independence (he also won a Hobby Stock feature in 1994), Cordes is now tied with Rick Wendling for ninth on the all-time list.

To answer a question posed by the Cordes crew, Irvine and Cordes have won on the same night 10 times in their careers in Independence. Two of those include when Irvine was competing in the IMCA Hobby Stock division.

Jenae Gustin made history in the IMCA Northern SportMods by becoming the first driver in the division to win three straight in Independence.

From a fifth row start, Gustin masterfully worked her way through traffic to steal the lead from Jacob Salisbury just past the midway point on her way to victory.

Gustin has won six times this season, including five times in the last six weeks. Her six career wins in Independence tie her with Austin Kaplan for fourth on the track's all-time list. She has a little bit of work to do to move up on that list - Josh Sherbon and Tyler Droste are tied for second and third with 12 wins apiece. But, hey, there are seven SportMod features left this season, including next week's mid-season make-up/double feature night.

Jon Passick led all 25 laps of the IMCA Late Model feature to earn his first win of the year. After building a huge early lead, John Emerson pressured late after coming from the 23rd starting spot. He came up just a couple of car-lengths short at the line, which allowed Passick to celebrate in victory lane.

Passick has earned four Late Model wins in weekly racing history in Indee, tying him for 34th on the all-time list. His victory was the earliest in the season Passick has ever won a Late Model feature at the speedway.

Matt White raced to his second win of the year in the IMCA Hobby Stock division. White drove the high groove to the lead and then held off pressure from Jamie Whitaker to take the checkers.

With two career Hobby Stock wins at the speedway, White is among 62 drivers with multiple wins in the division. He is tied for 48th on the division's wins list.

Tonight, it's off to Benton County Speedway in Vinton for a full, and I mean FULL, night of racing. Double features are also on tap tonight as last week's program was cut short due to rain. The completion of the already-started IMCA Northern SportMod feature will get the show started, followed by make-up features for IMCA Hobby Stocks, BCS Micro Mods and IMCA Modifieds. All of that will be followed by a complete program for all six weekly divisions for Gary's Auto Mid-Season Championships. I hope to see you there!